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Disneyland Postcards: Walt Disney

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100th Birthday
Pointing to drawings of Disneyland
Next to castle model
At the Disneyland Stables
Riding the stagecoach around the Disney studios
Posing next to the hippos for Jungle Cruise
Opening day speech
Walking through the painted desert, 1957
Posing with the Tiki birds, 1963
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Posing with a camera, 1923
With 'Bambi' art, 1942
Posing with a camera, 1944
in 1949
Posing next to an ABC camera, 1950s
Inside the 'Fred Gurley' locomotive, 1958
Walking through Sleeping Beauty Castle
Posing with dolls from 'It's a Small World', 1964
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1st postcard ever produced - P11876
Walt Disney - A-1
Walt Disney and friends in front of Castle
Walt Disney plate
in car w/ Mickey in front of the castle
Walt Disney with Fred Gurley, Ape Pen Publishing postcard
Ape Pen Publishing postcard
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Walt's Vision
Mirror Image
Greeting Card; Walt walking through Castle

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