Train Station concept drawing - P11887 (#12)
Main Street Train Station - P12944
Main Street Train Station - 1-263
Main St. Train Station - D-116A
Main Street Train Station, with attraction posters outside
Main Street Train Station
Main Street Train Station
Main Street Train Station
Mickey & friends above Mickey floral
Main Street Train Station - P12368
E.P. Ripley, promotional postcard from the Fullerton Railroad Days event
Walt Disney with Fred Gurley, Ape Pen Publishing postcard
Main Street Railroad Observation car, Ape Pen Publishing postcard
Main Street Train Station, Mickey & Donald
Main Street Train Station, Mickey & Friends
Main Street Train Station, Mickey & Friends
Grand Canyon Diorama
Grand Canyon Diorama - A-12
Grand Canyon Diorama
Primeval World
Primeval World
Primeval World
Primeval World; two views
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
Town Square & The Hub                                                                                                         Back to Top
Town Square, rare view - D114
Town Square - P12287
Town Square - A-4
Town Square - A-4
Town Square
Town Square
Town Square, Union Pacific Railroad
Town Square - 1-266
Town Square
Town Square - P12289
Town Square
Town Square - P12285
Gay '90s - P12286
City Hall at night - A-9
Popcorn vendor - P12367
Ice Cream vendor - P12369
Walt Disney & Mickey statue, 'Partners'
Walt Disney & Mickey statue, 'Partners' at night
Street Transportation                                                                                                               Back to Top
Fire Wagon
Firetruck - A-9
Fire Truck - A-8
Fire Truck - A-18
Mickey & friends in the fire truck
Horse-drawn carriage and Main St. Cinema - P12355
Yellow Horseless Carriage
Red Horseless Carriage - A-6
Main Street Trolly - P12290
Main Street Trolly
Main Street Trolly
Main Street Omnibus - 1-267
Main Street Omnibus - 01110403
Main Street Omnibus
Mickey & Minnie in the car
Multi View, Vehicles of Main Stret
Restaurants & Shops                                                                                                               Back to Top
Carnation Ice Cream Parlor - P11882 (#7)
Carnation Ice Cream Parlor - P11881
Carnation Ice Cream Parlor mini menu
The Red Wagon Inn - P13362
Carefree Corner
Carefree Corner - H-116
Carefree Corner - H-115
Carefree Corner
Flower Mart - 1-269 (#665)
Flower Mart - 1-271 (#670)
Flower Mart - 0111 0406 (#901)
Eyore at the Flower Mart
Mickey & Minnie at the Flower Mart
Mickey & Minnie at the Flower Mart - DL-11611
General Store - A-9
Upjohn Pharmacy, and trolly
Upjohn Pharmacy
Upjohn Pharmacy
Upjohn Pharmacy
The Band, Parades, & Events                                                                                                Back to Top
Band in fron of Market House - P13360
Band at the flag - A-8
Disneyland Band, reds - A-12
Disneyland Band
Disneyland Band, whites - A-12
Disneyland Band at the hub
Disneyland Bandstand - P12291
Band walking into Frontierland - A-8
Mickey leads the band
Mickey leads the band - DT-35937-C
Mickey leads a parade
Mickey leads the band - 0100-11003
Main Street Electrical Parade - 01110411
Main Street Electrical Parade
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - A
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - B
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - C
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - D
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - E
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - F
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - G
America on Parade - 0111-0590 - H
25th Family Reunion Parade
Mulan Parade

Christmas parade
Christmas Tree - 0111-0415
Christmas tree
Miscellaneous                                                                                                                            Back to Top
Main Street at night - A-10
Main Street at night
Multi View, various Main Street attractions
Illustrated                                                                                                                                     Back to Top
Jiminy Cricket eyes the candy store
Several characters watch the parade
Snow White at the Flower Shop - 0100-11905
Disneyland 48th Anniversary
Ape Pen Publishing postcard

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