Disneyland Postcards: Yesterland

Here is a full list of "yesterland" attractions, restaurants, and shops that were issued as an individual postcard. If you don't see it listed here, it means it was never issued. (Note: This list does not include attractions which were only featured in the background, on a Multi-View, or Disney Gallery card.)
  1. Disneyland: Holidayland
  2. Adventureland: Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
  3. Bear/Critter Country: Bear Country Playhouse
  4. Fantasyland: Mickey Mouse Club Circus - Featuring George J. Keller's Jungle Killers
  5. Fantasyland: Midget Autopia
  6. Fantasyland: Motor Boats
  7. Fantasyland: Skull Rock
  8. Fantasyland: Skyway
  9. Fantasyland: Videopolis
  10. Frontierland: Andrew Jackson's Headquarters
  11. Frontierland: Mike Fink Keel Boats
  12. Frontierland: Pack Mules
  13. Frontierland: Stage Coach
  14. Frontierland: Conestoga Wagon
  15. Frontierland: Golden Horshoe Jamboree
  16. Frontierland: Golden Horshoe Revue
  17. Frontierland: Indian Village
  18. Frontierland: Mine Train
  19. Main Street: Disneyland Railroad (passenger cars)
  20. Main Street: Disneyland Railroad (cattle cars)
  21. Main Street: Fire Wagon
  22. Main Street: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (original)
  23. Main Street: Horse-Drawn Carriage
  24. Tomorrowland: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit
  25. Tomorrowland: Adventure Thru Inner Space
  26. Tomorrowland: America Sings
  27. Tomorrowland: Astro Jet
  28. Tomorrowland: Autopia (original)
  29. Tomorrowland: Autopia (2nd remodel)
  30. Tomorrowland: Captain EO
  31. Tomorrowland: Carousel of Progress
  32. Tomorrowland: Circarama/Circle Vision Theater
  33. Tomorrowland: Clock of the World
  34. Tomorrowland: Hall of Chemistry
  35. Tomorrowland: House of the Future
  36. Tomorrowland: Kaiser Aluminum Telescope
  37. Tomorrowland: Moonliner
  38. Tomorrowland: People Mover
  39. Tomorrowland: Rocket Jets
  40. Tomorrowland: Rocket to the Moon
  41. Tomorrowland: Submarine Voyage
  1. Adventureland: Cantina
  2. Adventureland: Plaza Pavilion
  3. Adventureland: Tahitian Terrace
  4. Fantasyland: Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship
  5. Frontierland: Casa de Fritos
  6. Frontierland: Plantation House
  7. Frontierland: Silver Banjo Barbeque
  8. Main Street: Carnation Ice Cream Parlor
  9. Main Street: Red Wagon Inn
  1. Fantasyland: Merlin's Magic Shop
  2. Frontierland: Davy Crockett Frontier Museum
  3. Main Street: Carefree Corner
  4. Main Street: Flower Mart
  5. Main Street: Upjohn Pharmacy
  6. Main Street: Wurlitzer Shop
  7. New Orleans Square: Antique Shop
  8. New Orleans Square: One of a Kind Shop
  9. New Orleans Square: Le Gourmet Shop
  10. New Orleans Square: ? Shop
  11. Tomorrowland: The Art Corner

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