Disneyland Postcards: Series and Sets

Here, we have the very first photographic postcards produced and sold in the park, from 1955. Referred to as the "P-Series," they were published in "Plastichrome" by the Colourpicture Corporation. Notice that instead of sorting these cards by number, I have sorted them by land, to show all of the different areas and attractions at once. Also, this collection does not include any duplicate, Jumbo, or Disneyland Hotel cards.

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Walt Disney - he deserves his own row, don't you think?
1st postcard ever produced - P11876
Main Street                                                                                                                                   Back to Top
Main Street Train Station - P12944
Main Street Train Station - P12368
Town Square overview - P12287
City Hall - P12285
Gay '90s - P12286
Town Square - P12289
Main Street Trolly - P12290
Popcorn vendor - P12367
Ice Cream vendor - P12369
Horse-drawn carriage and Main St. Cinema - P12355
Band in fron of Market House - P13360
The Red Wagon Inn - P13362
Disneyland Bandstand - P12291
Fantasyland                                                                                                                                 Back to Top
Sleeping Beauty Castle, 1955 - P12284
Sleeping Beauty Castle, with wagon - P12363
Fantasyland Courtyard - P12362
Scary Clown - P12455
Chicken of the Sea pirate ship - P13358
Casey Jr. Circus Train - P12452
Casey Jr. Circus Train - P12453
Tomorrowland                                                                                                                             Back to Top
Clock of the World - P12297
Circarama - P12361
TWA Moon Rocket - P12296
Autopia - P12370 (#53)
Frontierland                                                                                                                                  Back to Top
Frontierland entrance - P12364 (#47)
Davy Crockett Museum - P12295
Frontierland U.S. Marshall - P12365
Indian waving to Stagecoach - P12456
Mark Twain line - P12294
Mark Twain Riverboat - P12292
Mark Twain Riverboat - P12293
Golden Horseshoe Revue - P13359
Adventureland                                                                                                                             Back to Top
Adventureland entrance - P12359
Plaza Pavilion - P12360
Cantina and Bazaar - P12356
Jungle Cruise, dock - P12288
Jungle Cruise - P12357
Jungle Cruise - P12358
Jungle Cruise, Schweitzer Falls - P12454

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