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Welcome... the only site on the Web soley dedicated to Disneyland postcards. I have been collecting postcards from the park since the mid '80s, but only a few here and there. It wasn't until I bought the book, Disneyland: The Nickel Tour that I took up the hobby full-time. Since then, I have acquired over 800 postcards, dating from the first one ever printed, to the current ones sold today.

Enjoy your visit here, and be sure to see below for the Numbers Stats on my collection, and FAQs from visitors.

Hint: When browsing through each section on this site, look for the NEW! tag for new cards.

The Numbers:
Total Postcards:962    - (excluding the 100 Mickeys and 30 movie poster postcards)
Standard Size, 3"x5":440    - (excluding hotel, Disney Gallery, and unofficial postcards.)
Photographic "P-Series":40 (out of 43)
Pre-opening:22 (out of 22)
Yesterland Attractions:38
Most of one land:Fantasyland - 178 cards
Most of one attraction:Jungle Cruise - 51 cards
Disneyland Hotel cards:47
  • Are any of your cards for sale?
      Generally, no. This site is to simply display my collection. However, I do have a few duplicates which I would be glad to sell or trade. Send me a note of which cards you're interested in, and please include the URL (web page address) of each card.
  • Where do you buy your postcards from?
      I get my postcards from three main sources: eBay, postcard conventions, and, of course, Disneyland (for the current cards).
  • Are you a current or former Disneyland Cast Member?
      No. I am a Northern California native and visit the park about once a year, now.

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